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Research Features

Research Features

·         Mechanical integration, vehicle related research and development, energy and refrigerator techniques and technology are very few in Taiwan.  The related research, especially in the industry field is powerful and competitive.  

·         Every department suggests key plan each year and it is predicted that each department develops at least one research item in 5 years.

·         We follow the trend and focus the research and development of practical technology and especially emphasize the development of mechanic instruments, for example, Robot, Injection Molded Plastics, Rapid Prototyping( R.P.) and Microwave Plasma Jet CVD equipment and advanced technology in the world.

Establishing college outstanding research prize and key research features, encouraging and recognizing excellent research colleagues, establishing college key features 

·         Finding powerful professors or personnel in the industry coming to the college to be in charge of key plans and developing key techniques.

·         Cooperating closely with industry and industry donate equipments to support the research